Sladjana (Jana) Zivkovic
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Fifteen years ago when I unwrapped my birthday gift from my husband I had no idea that I was unwrapping a career path at the same time. It was my first DSLR camera and I can still hear myself doing the happy dance around the house.

A decade, countless classes, and hundreds of shoots later, my business has grown into something I am very proud of. From the start, couples in love have been my biggest inspiration; So inspirational, I have ventured to wedding workshops in California and New York. Couples became my favorite subjects to shoot which is why photographing a wedding never feels like work. It's a privilege and a true honour.

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Other things in life that make me dance: My husband. His love means everything to me. My kids. Moms know, this dance is a little different but it's the most rewarding one of all. A full house of family and friends - this makes my heart swell.



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When I pick up my camera on your wedding day I am fully committed to giving you all I got. I bring lots of passion and excitement with me and my goal is to make you feel absolutely fabulous. If your heart is open to collaboration we will end up with beautiful memories and stunning images to reflect on.


What makes us a perfect match? We are both the follow-your-heart kind of people. We both love and value photography. You as a couple are crazy about one another. You love to laugh and you crave adventure. You are not afraid to show your silly side. You are open to trying out new locations. You value fashion and appreciate the little things in life.


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