E-session: Alina + Milan

Alina and Milan would agree with me, that this engagement shoot took place, on probably the hottest and most humid day of the year.  Even though the heat was dreadful we still had a good time and some great laughs.  I had no doubts that this shoot, despite the heat, would turn out successful. Alina and Milan were real troopers.  I loved how they felt comfortable with me and how they adored each other in front of my camera.  They are getting married in October of this year and I am extremely excited to repeat the joy of photographing them, but this time on a cooler day 🙂
Looking forward to your big day!


Hi, I'm Sladana, call me Jana. I live in Kitchener, Ontario and I shoot weddings. I am a mom of three amazing boys. I went to school for economics but wedding photography is my passion. Camera and lenses are precious to me. Hot yoga is my thing. I love to watch sunsets. I don't like coffee but I love tea. Music, people and weather inspire me.

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