Leah and Brendon: Family Farm Wedding

As my kids are at the door calling me to go, I continue to “just 5 more minutes” lie to them.  I know!  I am bad! …. But, I couldn’t leave for our mini getaway without posting Leah’s and Brendon’s wedding.  Since the little voices coming from downstairs are not allowing me to think I will be short with words and let you enjoy the preview.

Leah and Brendon, Dario and I loved everything about your wedding day!  I still believe that there was magic involved when I think about the downpours and how they stopped every time we needed to be under the sky.  One of my most heartfelt findings of your day was that Brendon made your beautiful wedding cake , besides building a bar, trays etc…  Everything about you two was so impressive and it was a true blessing to be a small part of your wedding.

Once again, congratulations Leah and Brendon and thank you for choosing us : )

Venue:  Family Farm in Fergus

Hair:  Mosaic Spa

Makeup:  Chantel Horst (The Natural Beauty Advisor)

Bouqets:  Michelle Stribbel (bride’s friend)



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