Why black & white images are more timeless than colour?

It’s been a while since I did a set of images in black & white and for some time now I have been meaning to go back to Ashley & Russ’s Whistle Bear Golf Course Wedding that I loved so much, to reselect images and to re-edit. I tend to lean more towards colour and consistency and if I turn a photo b&w I almost always make sure to include a colour version as well. Like we say, you can always turn colour to b&w but if you receive it in monochrome there is no going back.

Most wedding photographers, including myself, make a concious decision to deliver colour images to clients, mainly because we find colour images more realistic and as story tellers we want to record and deliver as much information to our clients as possible. With that being said, monochromatic photos do make us “feel” more, they bring more drama and more expression. Removing color is often removing distraction and we are left with pure emotion which gives it that timeless quality. However, as timeless and as beautiful as they are, I do feel that joyful b&w images can never be as powerful as melancholic b&w images can. What are your thoughts on this?

After this little b&w project I decided that I will be offering a b&w gallery to my clients, as an addition to their wedding collection. It will be similar to the selection below. Yay!

“Color is descriptive. Black and White is interpretive.” – Elliott Erwitt

A Whistle Bear Golf Course Wedding in Kitchener


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