Whistlebear wedding: Jen and Connor

“A truly incredible photographer. Sladana makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable. Working with her was like working with a sister. She is such a kind soul, and her photos absolutely took my breath away. -Jen

Oh, how I loved Jen and Connor…  I feel blessed to have worked with such amazing people that have so much love for one another and everyone around them.  What more can you ask for than when you get a client that trusts your work so deeply and shows love and appreciation for what you do.  Jen’s comment above melted my heart and this is exactly how I felt about them on their wedding day.  Thank you Jen and Connor!  Your beauty and kindness was beyond motivational!!   Here is a small preview of their wedding day:



Hi, I'm Sladjana, call me Jana. I live in Kitchener, Ontario and I shoot weddings. I am a mom of three amazing boys. I went to school for economics but wedding photography is my passion. Camera and lenses are precious to me. Hot yoga is my thing. I love sunsets. I don't like coffee but I do love tea. Music, people and sunny days inspire me.

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